miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017


Professor López Garrido, ex-secretary of state for European Affairs
   UK nationals in Europe will automatically lose all their citizenship rights on Britain´s departure from the EU, unless there is a specific agreement to the contrary, according to a report by two Spanish legal experts carried out for the European Parliament. This will mean the end to a whole raft of rights: freedom of movement; the right to live, work and study; the right to receive social benefits; consumer and political rights.
    These are the shocking conclusions of Antonio Fernández Tomás and ex-secretary of state Diego López Garrido, lecturers in international law at the University of Castilla La Mancha. According to the two experts, these rights cannot be considered as 'acquired' by citizens individually, but as a result of their nationality and thus they will be 'extinguished' immediately on the UK's departure. They say there are no legal precedents for the rights of individual citizens to be prolonged after their country has ceased to be a signature of the relevant international treaty. López Garrido highlighted the importance of a 'wide agreement' between the UK and EU to put an end to uncertainties faced by citizens.
   This report clearly contradicts the complacency of the UK government and prominent pro-Brexit politicians who routinely say that British expats 'have nothing to worry about' after Brexit. It also makes it even more vital for groups like EuroCitizens to fight for the rights of citizens who moved to the EU in good faith, but who have had their futures blighted by Brexit. 

Remember:  Saturday 25 March, 17,30 Plaza del Callao, Demonstration to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.




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  1. I left The UK because I do not belong there. I am originally Irish, but as I have never even been there, I don't belong there either. I chose Portugal as my new country of residence. My life is here in Porto. My wife is Russian American, she does not belong in Russia or America, and is not welcome in the UK, so going to any of those 3 countries are not an option for us. We are against the policies of The UK USA & Russia as none of them are any help to us as a family. Our child goes to a local school in Porto, he speaks 3 languages perfectly. He does not belong in Russia USA or the UK. We have no life, work, place in society or a home to go to in any of those countries. We spent many years cutting our ties with those countries to begin a new life in Portugal. I will not be returning to the UK. I will not even consider it as a possibility. I will die fighting if need be. I am not a UK citizen. I left the UK because its not home, it never was, and it never will be.

    1. So apply for Portuguese citizenship then.

    2. I am a British and Irish citizen. As I have an Irish passport too I shall not be affected by Brexit and I shall continue to have dual nationality and continue to live in France. Apply through your local Irish consulate for your Irish passport. Martin.

  2. Many of us do not want to return to the UK as we have made our lives and have our families in Europe. There are two things that we can do: get all our papers in order like registering with the authorities, Permanent Residence or, if possible, nationality (though that can be difficult and varies in different countries); join a group of UK nationals who are fighting to keep their rights. I am sure there must be one in Portugal.

  3. I am a bit worried that my wife and children will be forced to live abroad as they have EU passports and I have a UK one.

  4. We are not lawyers and cannot advise on individual cases. But the main thing to do is to get papers in order and apply for Permanent Residence if possible (in the UK or Spain- it is not clear where you live). The other thing is to fight for your rights by joining a citizens group in your area.

  5. This divorce will not be a friendly split. My children are British citizens, would that fact give me the rights to remain in the UK? I am assuming it does!