domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017


Anna Soubry, Tory remainer  Photo: The Times
After the success of our lobbying of the Lords, EuroCitizens is supporting a campaign by  ECREU (Expat Citizen Rights in the European Union) to write to Conservative MPs who voted Remain. You can download a list of these MPs form this link:

The Commons discussion is next week,  so please write by  Monday evening. We ask you to email as many as you can, or just those you think you might know. If you have more time available, please also consider emailing the SNP MPs as well. Your letter should ask the MP to support amendments 9B and 17 (now 1 and 2) on the return of the Article 50 Bill to the House of Commons. Ask for concrete action on EU citizens¹ rights now, not vague promises. Please draw their attention to the Government's own Select Committee report and its conclusion that the rights of EU citizens should be unilaterally guaranteed, and include this link to the report:

No reciprocal deals! Please don't be put off by any automated replies asking if you are a constituent. Your email may still get though!

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