lunes, 11 de junio de 2018


From 12 noon on Friday 22 June until 3pm on Saturday 23 June, EuroCitizens will be organising a vigil below the British Embassy in Madrid (near Torre Espacio, Castellana 259) to ask the UK government to defend our citizens' rights which are under threat in the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the UK (freedom of movement, professional qualifications, family reunification, economic rights, political rights). 

Permission for the vigil has been applied for and the protest will at all times be good-humoured and well-mannered. We know that we are not going to get huge crowds, but we would like to have as many people as possible throughout the 27 hours of the vigil to show the strength of feeling of UKinEU citizens who have already suffered nearly two years of uncertainty and face losing key rights.

You can sign up for shifts at the vigil here:

Here is a rough timetable of events:

Friday 22 June
12 noon - demo begins
13.30 - speech by journalist and writer Giles Tremlett
14:00 - letter/s of protest to be presented to the Ambassador 
14:00 - 20:00: demonstration continues with core presence
20:00 -  'Protest Picnic/Citizens' Rights supper' with speeches by (tbc) and music. People bring their own food.
12:00 - All-night vigil begins, continuing to start of events the next day.

Saturday 23 June
12 noon - full demo starts again with video connection with the rally in London / possible link-up with groups in other countries.
2pm - speech by (tbc)
3pm - End of vigil, possible laying of a wreath symbolising the death of UKinEU citizens' rights

We hope to get musicians to come along at the high points. If you know any (or are one yourself) or would like to volunteer to help the vigil team, get in touch with Laura Clyde at: citizensrightsvigilmadrid@gmail

William Clarke has organised a T-shirt for the vigil which you can order here:

Some of us will be in London at the demonstration for a People's Vote on Saturday 23 when we will march with British in Europe for Citizens' Rights (this was organised a while back). Get in touch with me at if you can be there - and we will arrange to meet up.

Please sign up for the vigil and share with as many friends and colleagues as possible.

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2018


Speakers: Alex Luzárraga (Amadeus), Michael Harris (EuroCitizens), Elena Conde (UCM), Jochen Müller (European Commission), José Domingo Roselló (UGT), Camilla Hillier-Fry (EuroCitizens), Andy Mackay (British Council) Silvia González (the3million), Mark Kitcatt (IMPALA), Tom Morgan (European Parliament).
On Wednesday, 23 May EuroCitizens organised a round table about the human cost of Brexit on UK and Spanish citizens living respectively in Spain and the UK, in the Madrid offices of the European parliament. 310,000 UK citizens in Spain and over 100,000 Spanish citizens in the UK are still being used as bargaining chips in the BREXIT negotiations. With less than a year to go, UK residents in Spain still have no confirmed rights of free movement within Europe, no rights to provide services across borders, and uncertain recognition of their professional and academic qualifications. For Spanish and UK citizens resident in each other's country, rights of family reunion, dependents and many other similar issues remain unresolved. There is very little time left and politicians on both sides seem blind to the suffering they are causing for over four million people who are living with enormous uncertainty and a bleak future with greatly diminished rights.

Photos of the event:

Full report:

miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018


La salida del Reino Unido de la Unión Europea el próximo 29 de marzo cambiará la vida de muchas personas, especialmente los 200.000 españoles en Gran Bretaña y los 300.000 británicos en España. El actual acuerdo de salida entre la UE y el RU reducirá de forma preocupante los derechos de ambos colectivos y pondrá en riesgo el futuro de muchas personas. El Brexit también afectará la vida de otros ciudadanos que no han ejercido sus derechos de libre circulación. Habrá importantes implicaciones para el sector educativo, para estudiantes, profesores e investigadores. El fin del libre movimiento de personas entre ambos países tendrá un impacto negativo tanto para las empresas como los trabajadores que será especialmente grave para los autónomos y las industrias creativas.

El acto que organiza EuroCitizens pretende analizar y debatir estas cuestiones. Michael Harris (EuroCitizens/British in Europe) y Silvia González (the3million) comentarán la situación del medio millón de ciudadanos más afectados. Después habrá una mesa redonda con personas de distintos ámbitos profesionales:  Alex Luzárraga, vicepresidente de estrategia corporativa Amadeus; Andy Mackay, director, British Council en España; Elena Conde, profesora titular en derecho internacional público, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; José Domingo, economista del gabinete técnico confederal de la UGT; Mark Kitcatt, presidente de IMPALA (asociación europea de compañías fonográficas independientes).

Queda poco tiempo por llegar a un acuerdo definitivo de salida y concretar las líneas generales de la relación entre el Reino Unido y la UE-27. Es esencial que no se olividen las personas, especialmente los jóvenes, entre los interminables debates sobre las cuotas de pesca y los aranceles. Hay que hacer todo lo posible para reducir el coste humano del Brexit.

Dónde: la Sede del Parlamento Europeo en España, Paseo de la Castellana, 46, Metro Rubén Darío  Cómo llegar

Cuándo: 18-20 horas el miércoles 23 de mayo. Es aconsejable llegar antes de las seis.

Inscripción: Debes inscribirte en el siguiente enlace:
Aforo limitado. Ninguna persona será admitida sin haberse inscrito o sin la documentación requerida.

Twitter: @EuroCitizens99


Sarah-Jane Morris talking to EuroCitizens
On 26 April, EuroCitizens organised an information session in Madrid with the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris. The objective was to investigate where we are on citizens’ rights and how we can safeguard our own situations. EuroCitizens vice-chair, Camilla Hillier-Fry, introduced the meeting and updated members on our lobbying activities. Chair, Michael Harris, also a member of the British in Europe steering group, outlined some of the consequences of the current agreement between the EU and the UK, such as lack of freedom of movement and economic rights in the EU-27 for UKinEU. He was critical of government messaging and asked people to channel their anger and frustration into fighting for citizens’ rights. Sarah-Jane Morris clarified points on the agreement and the transition period before making practical suggestions. For most of the session, she answered questions from the floor about a variety of concerns. The meeting was well attended and the consensus seemed to be that it was helpful. EuroCitizens would like to thank Sarah-Jane Morris for coming.

See a summary of what came out of the meeting:

martes, 10 de abril de 2018


Sarah-Jane Morris, British Consul in Madrid, will be at the Centro Gallego (C/ Carretas, 14, Metro Sol) at 19.00 on Thursday 26 April to attend an open meeting on citizens’ rights after Brexit organised by the campaigning group EuroCitizens
She will talk with British residents about their concerns over Brexit: our legal position until 29 March 2019, what status we will have during the transition period and afterwards, what we can do to prepare. Sarah-Jane last met UK nationals in Madrid back in November 2016 when the consequences of Brexit seemed unclear (summary). The provisional agreement reached between the EU and the UK before Easter has clarified some things for UKinEU citizens, though EuroCitizens and the coalition British in Europe are highly critical of the deal, expressing concern about a series of outstanding issues such as our freedom of movement in the EU-27, economic rights, qualifications, the right to return after absence, family reunification, voting rights, registration procedures and ring-fencing of citizens’ rights.

The meeting will last about an hour and a half and there will be plenty of time for questions and debate. If you cannot attend, you can send your question for Sarah-Jane via EuroCitizens: 

Please confirm attendance at: v  Just vote for the first option.

Cómo llegar: Google Maps

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018


EuroCitizens is supporting the latest British in Europe lobbying campaign of UK MPs, to engage their support for our rights (
After nearly two years of uncertainty, the December agreement between the EU and the UK does not safeguard our rights as the British government misleadingly claims. It leaves UKinEU citizens landlocked in one country with no freedom of movement throughout the EU27. Our economic rights are severely curtailed and we are deprived of all of our political rights.
This is simply unacceptable. We must make MPs aware of the plight of the forgotten 1.2 million Britons in the EU before it is too late.

What can you do?

1. Write to the MP in the constituency where you last lived:
Template for you to adapt:

Find your MP by entering the postcode or constituency:​.
Or use this spreadsheet:
Engage in conversations and pester MPs (that is what they are there for). 

Please send replies to us and to
Writing to MPs is an extremely valuable activity even if you have been out of the country for more than fifteen years.

2. Convince at least one friend or family member in the UK to help us.
Ask them to write to their MP (even better if not the same one as yours) or visit their constituency surgery. Remember that on 3 May there will be local elections in the UK and MPs will be worried about losing councillors. We will produce a template letter.

We must do something to stop us being thrown under the Brexit bus!