miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017


Madrid, 22/03/17  
     The activity of EuroCitizens has risen dramatically in the last three months as the UK moves inexorably towards Brexit, leaving its EU emigrants in limbo, bargaining chips in what promise to be complex and divisive negotiations.   
    Two weeks ago we organised a successful round table on the impact of Brexit on citizens, held at the offices of the European Parliament and with the participation of top-ranking politicians and experts. This Thursday, two EuroCitizens members will be meeting a senior civil servant from the Department for Exiting the EU at the British Embassy. On Saturday (18h Plaza del Callao, Madrid), we are participating in a demonstration of European groups to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Next week, we will be at a round table in Valladolid with Spanish and British union leaders to discuss the impact of Brexit on employment.
  All the people working for EuroCitizens are unpaid volunteers, but we have incurred growing expenses. Despite the generous contributions of our members, we need further support. We are a non-profit-making organisation and our bank account number is:
ES35 2100 1658 2602 0028 9449 (Caixabank) 

Please give what you are able contribute, however small the amount.

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