viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2019


The UK general election on 12 December is vital for the future of 1.5 million Britons in the EU and their non-EU families.

In all Brexit scenarios, even with a Deal, we lose important rights. Our only chance of keeping EU citizenship, and the rights it gives us like freedom of movement within the EU, is to elect parties that expressly support Remain or the holding of a Second Referendum. Pro-Brexit parties will take the UK out of the EU as quickly as possible, with the risk of No Deal at different stages of the process.

Many of us cannot vote because of the unfair fifteen-year rule which we have campaigned vigorously against. However, we estimate that around 40% of Britons in the EU can still do so. Your vote could be of enormous import on December 12, especially if you are registered in a marginal constituency - and with a five-party race there are many more of these than in a typical general election.

Those of us who cannot vote can also help out by convincing fellow Britons in the EU to register and vote. When doing this, emphasise the huge loss of rights that they and their children will face in all Brexit scenarios. Of course, you can also try to persuade friends and family back in the UK by stressing the impact Brexit will have on you personally (and perhaps on them too if they are your parents who might need care in the future). And remember that, if you have a child studying at a UK university,
they can register if they have a National Insurance number.

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