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Finally, the British press is paying attention to our problems. An in-depth interview has appeared with Jane Golding, a British lawyer based in Berlin and spokeswoman of Brits in Europe. This is a coalition to which EuroCitizens and other Spanish groups like Bremain and Brexpats belong. Along with Guardian journalist Jennifer Rankin, Jane Golding discusses the plight of UK nationals in the EU and what might happen after Britain leaves the EU

We recommend you to listen to the Guardian Podcast: the rights of UK citizens in the EU.

First, there are interviews with Britons living in the EU who express their worries. Jane Golding and Jennifer Rankin then deal with the following issues that affect us:

1. Permanent Residence and Dual Nationality (and the problems in Spain where the latter is not possible).
2. The end to reciprocal health insurance which will affect UK pensioners who have not paid into the system where they live.
3. The end to the mutual recognition of qualifications and the end of the EU aggregated pension system
4. The probable need for work permits and the doubts about future access to social and unemployment benefits
5. The position of mixed EU/UK married and unmarried couples and the rights of their children.
6. The situation of UK university students in Europe after Brexit.
7. Property rights

Jane Golding concludes: UK nationals in Europe 'are real people with real lives and they are facing huge uncertainty.' She points out that EU citizenship involves a bundle of rights 'Residency alone is not enough. If you can't work, if you can't have your qualifications recognised, if you can't have access to healthcare, there may be no point in remaining. These are indivisible rights, you can't separate them out.' 

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