domingo, 25 de junio de 2017


Photos: Lawrence Baron
The EuroCitizens concert, 'Música sin Fronteras', was held in Sala El Sol on Saturday 24 June to increase awareness of citizens' rights and the potential difficulties facing musicians after Brexit. A Saturday night in Madrid in June is full of competition, and last Saturday the big Download Festival was going on. Despite that, we got a large audience to see Rob Picazo, Alex Roddom and John Grvy. They were not disappointed.

All three artists got the crowd going with very different styles. 

Rob Picazo started off with fifty minutes of blues numbers which he composed himself. Rob's voice is remarkable: he sounds like an experienced and gritty bluesman of the Deep South, giving his songs great feeling and verve. Halfway through his set, his excellent rhythm session was changed for the drummer and bass player of the mythical rock group from the 'movida madrileña' Gabinete Caligari.

Next on was Alex Roddom and his band with a medley of his own numbers plus a barn-storming performance of Freefalling by Tom Petty. Alex has a spectacular voice and powerful songs that got the audience dancing and left us wanting more. You can listen to his latest album, The Other Side, on Spotify.

The concert ended in style with the versatile artist John Grvy. Alone on stage with his computer, this madrileño captivated the audience with his charismatic personality, fine voice and spectacular dancing. His high-octane peformance and punchy electronic music was a fitting finale to nearly three hours of great music.

EuroCitizens would like to thank all the artists who performed and the technicians of Sala El Sol for giving us such a great night of music and for helping us to make people aware of citizens' rights and the need for freedom of movement for musicians.

 Photos: Lawrence Baron     



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