jueves, 8 de junio de 2017


For the freedom of movement of musicians and citizens' rights for Spaniards and Britons affected by Brexit.

Did you know that Brexit will have an extremely negative impact on British and Spanish musicians? After the UK's departure from the EU, organising concerts between the two countries will probably become extremely complicated, due to the end of free movement of people. Above all, this will affect young artists. Brexit also endangers the rights of nearly a half a million UK and Spanish nationals who live in the respective countries.

On Saturday 24 June (Sala Sol, Madrid 22h) EuroCitizens is organising a concert to demand no restrictions on the movement of musicians and to reject any reduction in citizenship rights.  Three young and cosmopolitan artists will be performing: John Grvy (chillwave, electronic, indie), resident in Madrid but with roots in Nigeria; Alex Roddom (rockmetal, folk, country), a Briton who has lived in Spain all his life; Rob Picazo (blues/soul), a Spaniard who lives in the UK.

All three artists are enormously talented and it promises to be a fantastic gig! Don't miss it!

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  1. I'm not aware that musicians from outside the EU have encountered difficulties in visiting UK. On the contrary if you look at the Proms programmes from recent years you'll find them packed with orchestras and conductors from outside the EU. Can't help feeling you are panicking without reason.

    1. Orchestras and conductors are in a very different situation from rock or pop musicians who do not have the same infrastructure to enable travel for non-EU musicians and groups.

  2. Musicians programmed to play at 'World Music' events like WOMAD often have visa problems. And this surely couldn't be to due to issues of race (rather than nationality), could it?