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(the British Government will respond to a petition of 10,000 signatures and with 100,000, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament)      We require any BRexit deal preserves UK access to EU collaborative R&D programs.    A Referendum on whether the UK Government negotiates 'soft' or 'hard' Brexit
3   Preserve all existing rights of UK citizens to Freedom of Movement in the EU  Let Parliament decide whether or not we remain a member of the European Union  Keep the Free Movement of People Between the UK and the EU  On BREXIT British expatriates should retain their healthcare within the EU  Maintain Pension increases for British pensioners living in the EU.
8  Recognise Brexit is too costly, cancel and prioritise spending on the NHS  Please let me vote- loss of fundamental voting right
10  Give us our votes back! Let all British citizens living in the EU vote in the EU referendum.
11  Dual nationality for Brits who have resided in Spain for more than 10 years
12  Urge the EU to require a stronger mandate for Brexit from the UK Government
13  For dual nationality
14    Stop Article 50 from being invoked. Last and ONLY option to stop Brexit.
15  Associate membership of EU for those who voted to remain

BLOGS  OUR BLOG   Campaign for vote  for expat Brits  EU Law Analysis   Former BBC investigative journalist, Jon Danzig, on Brexit and how opportunites have been lost as dates come closer to March 2017  Brits in Europe Brexpats in Spain - Mijas
7   strong campaigning group based in France  LSE blog  European citizens volunteer organisation
10  Biarritz-based British expat’s blog covering wide range of topics
11   PROMOTING emu, security, free movement and transparency in Europe
12   coordinating several grassroots campaigns, supporting our place in Europe post referendum

MEDIA/PRESS  EU Referendum: Britons abroad lose vote legal bid – Shindler and MacLennan  The expats who don’t want to come home   on how to keep EU citizenship after Brexit  3 out of 10 British companies will reduce investment in Spain  Give Brits on Costa del Sol their own MP in Westminster  Scottish govt seeks EU negotiations  Branson funding antiBrexit campaign     Theresa May article from Huff Post  High Court ruling on Article 50

ACADEMIA Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and based at King’s College London, the Initiative will explore the key aspects of UK and EU dynamics.  Foreign academics barred from advising on Brexit  University council of modern languages event in January 2017   Students for Europe

UK GOVERNMENT INFORMATION   A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas
file:///C:/Users/susanj/Downloads/SN05923.pdf  Cabinet Briefing Paper on Overseas Brits and vote


1  Fact sheet on free movement of persons

1  How to file complaint on grounds of discrimination?

1  Bertrand Russell talking in 1959  Richard Parnell on the Costa del Sol offering Spanish classes to Brexpats The Great Dictator Speech

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