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Mercedes Alonso with Margaret and Gerald Hales (ECREU and BiE)
For over a year, thousands of Britons living in the province of Alicante have been suffering from extreme uncertainty about their futures after Brexit. This week Margaret and Gerald Hales (ECREU and British in Europe) met Mercedes Alonso, the Family and Citizenship councillor of the Province of Alicante, to discuss these issues. Señora Alonso promised to work for the rights of the large population of Britons living in the province and to maintain close contact with the associations of UK residents. The issue of dual nationality was also brought up and Margaret Hales asked for the relaxation of rules for British citizens (at the moment there is no double nationality treaty between the two countries). Commenting on the meeting, Sue Wilson (Bremain and British in Europe) stressed the need for citizens' groups to engage with different levels of the Spanish administration to end the use of UK and EU citizens as bargaining chips.
EuroCitizens would like to thank our BiE partners. We will all continue to work together closely, in Spain, Brussels, Strasbourg and Westminster to protect the rights of UK and EU citizens affected by Brexit.

More information:
Queremos hacer una noticia para Informativos sobre el Brexit contando con la opinión de su asociación, British in Europe. Queremos saber cuáles son sus dudas o preosupaciones y qué han tratado en la reunión con la diputada Mercedes Alonso y qué posibilidades les ha ofrecido la Diputación para apoyarles en la defensa de sus derechos.

We want to make a news story about Brexit with the opinion of the association, British in Europe. We want to know what are your doubts or concerns and what you dealt with in the meeting with the deputy Mercedes Alonso and what possibilities has the Council offered you in support of the defense of your rights.

The Family and Citizenship Councillor, Mercedes Alonso, met this morning with representatives of the Association British in Europe to study future actions around the Brexit process and its repercussions for both Britons residing in Alicante & those from Alicante who study or work in the United Kingdom. Both sides have put on the table the importance of maintaining the rights of citizenship, acquired over many years, beyond the right of vote or nationality, which are now under threat with the arrival of Brexit. As highlighted by Alonso, "from the Diputación de Alicante, as we have already confirmed to the representatives of British in Europe, we will continue to collaborate and work to raise awareness of the British collective of the Costa Blanca - the largest in Spain - What possibilities exist to claim those rights? We will also be in constant connection with groups and associations as together we must work together to achieve this equality for all within the European Union. " For their part, the representatives of British in Europe - the largest group of British citizens living and working in Europe - thanked the Provincial Government for their involvement in planning possible actions to resolve the situation

08-08-2017.- La diputada de Familia y Ciudadanía, Mercedes Alonso, se ha reunido esta mañana con representantes de la Asociación British in Europe para estudiar futuras acciones en torno al proceso del Brexit y sus repercusiones tanto para los británicos que residen en la provincia como para los alicantinos que estudian o trabajan en Reino Unido.  Ambas partes han puesto sobre la mesa la importancia de mantener los derechos de la ciudadanía, adquiridos durante muchos años, más allá del derecho de voto o la nacionalidad, que ahora se tambalean con la llegada del Brexit. Tal como ha destacado Alonso, “desde la Diputación de Alicante, como ya hemos confirmado a los representantes de British in Europe, vamos a seguir colaborando y trabajando para dar a conocer al colectivo de británicos de la Costa Blanca –el más grande de España- qué posibilidades hay para reivindicar esos derechos. También estaremos en constante conexión con colectivos y asociaciones ya que juntos debemos remar para conseguir esa igualdad para todos dentro de la Unión Europea”. Por su parte, los representantes de British in Europe  -el colectivo más grande de ciudadanos británicos que viven y trabajan en Europa- han agradecido al Gobierno Provincial su implicación a la hora de planificar posibles actuaciones para resolver la situación.

Margaret Hales, ECREU and British in Europe responded
''Yesterday we were invited to meet Mercedes Alonso. She was well aware of the precarious situation of the British population in Alicante during the 'Brexit' negotiations. Refreshingly she understood perfectly the need to protect all the rights which we currently hold. .We impressed on her that when discussions are held in Madrid regarding Brexit the government in Alicante  has a most important position, given that more British people lived in the province than any other in Spain. We also underlined the importance of the Spanish government seriously considering relaxation of the current rules in order to allow dual nationality for us British citizens who live in Spain.  
She also understood the constant worry Brexit gives us and agreed to be in constant communication as the negotiations in Brussels twisted and turned.''   

 Sue Wilson Bremain in Spain and British in Europe resonded

"It is important whilst negotiations are under way that we have discussions at all levels of government, in Spain, the UK & directly with the EU. We are constantly told that citizens' rights are the number one priority on  both sides of the negotiating table, but it hardly feels that way. Arguments continue about money, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice & Ireland - meanwhile we are still living in limbo & being treated as bargaining chips. We are hoping that these matters will be resolved in the next round of negotiations, & that EU & UK citizens will finally get some reassurance that they can keep their existing rights".

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