lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017


'Brexit and me' EuroCitizens/British in Europe video
It is vital for politicians, journalists and the general public to understand the human cost of Brexit, especially for young people. Some people think that 'everything will be all right' and ask us why we are worrying. Well, you can see the impact already; the uncertainty is profoundly affecting the lives of over four million people who have become bargaining chips. And, in the medium and long-term, Brexit could have huge effects on the education, family lives, jobs and futures of a whole generation.
EuroCitizens has produced interviews with young people and university teachers, both British and Spanish, to find out how they feel about Brexit and how it could affect their lives.
Please share them with family, friends (and enemies), colleagues, school associations etc. 
  1. Brexit - Feelings  “How do you feel about Brexit?”
  2. Brexit - Walls  “Is Brexit putting up new walls?”
  3. Brexit - Impact on Education “How will Brexit change life for students and universities?”
  4. Brexit - Being European “What does being European mean to you?”
  5. Brexit - European identity “How does Brexit affect European identity?”
Also see this report on the impact of Brexit on students, parents, teachers, researchers, schools, language schools and universities in Spain:

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