martes, 17 de octubre de 2017


See the British in Europe newsletter which was produced by a member of EuroCitizens. We aim to put out these bulletins at least once a month, to keep the members of all coalition groups abreast with BiE activities, as well as with what is happening in the negotiations. 

We are not going through an easy time and we feel that it is important to explain to UKinEU citizens, as clearly and accurately as possible, what 'concessions' each side has made and where exactly we stand on our rights. For nearly a year and a half we have all been suffering from huge uncertainty and anxiety about our futures. If you have a particular query, email us and, if we cannot answer it, we will send it on to the legal experts in the coalition.

Despite the current deadlock and the hardening of attitudes on both sides, EuroCitizens and British in Europe will redouble our efforts over the next few weeks. We cannot sit back and watch our lives being used in this disgraceful game of human poker.

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