lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016


Giles Tremlett    Photo: Casa del Libro
Journalist and author Giles Tremlett has written an excellent article in Prospect Magazine (see link below) about the impact of Brexit on UK nationals living in the EU. He points out that no British politicians seem to have considered the futures of people who have made their lives in the EU under the safe umbrella of European citizenship. When this protection is removed on Britain's imminent departure from the Union, European identity will be erased overnight, existing citizen rights will disappear, lives and families may be shattered. Tremlett not only asks for Brexpats to campaign for their rights but calls for a wider debate on the benefits to the UK of the British diaspora. He points out how shabbily treated they have been by their own government, denied political representation after fifteen years of living abroad. Definitely an article worth reading.


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  1. Prospect is the best source I know of serious analysis of Brexit and its consequences.
    Notably (as you might expect) the August issue was packed with articles on the topic, and many still seemed insightful when I got around to reading them yesterday. I particularly liked "Welcome to the New Britain" by Rachel Sylvester, and "Arguing with the EU" by Prof. Anand Menon on how hard negotiations could be.
    I also liked the piece by Roger Scruton "Who are we?" as an example of a coherent (even if wrong) pro-Brexit case. I think he's very largely right that it's not about economics, but rather identity. But seems to me he greatly exagerates the historical differences. Although at least he accepts the consequence that much of his argument can't be applied to Scotland.

  2. Thanks, I agree that Prospect is an excellent source of materials. Just saw your comment.